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The Best AI Content Writers

AI writers are unlocking incredible new possibilities for marketers and content creators.

With the introduction of advanced language processing and machine learning algorithms, we can now generate convincingly human content at the click of a button.

While there’s no doubt in my mind that AI writers are an incredible tool for content creators, it does bring up a question:

Which AI writer is best?

I’ve tried to make your decision as easy as possible by rating and reviewing all the top AI writers on the market.

Here are the results from my research and testing.

Best rated AI writers

AI Writer
What to Like
Best fully-automated AI writer for long-form articles and bulk article writing.
Best semi-automated AI writer for creating high-quality content without actually writing yourself.
Extremely easy-to-use AI writer for writing short and long-form content.

Article Forge

article forge review


Article Forge writes articles up to 750 words in length using just a keyword and optional sub keywords.

The bulk article generator is especially useful, allowing you to create dozens of unique articles at once.


  • Extremely factual content — One thing that really stands out in Article Forge’s content is its amazing ability to cite correct and specific facts in every article.
  • Bulk article generator — Creating 20 articles at once is just awesome. It takes a little while to finish, but if you plan around that it’s not an issue.
  • Requires minimal input — Some AI writers require a lot of input, so it’s awesome that you can have entire articles written with just a keyword.
  • Auto-post to WordPress — If you want to really automate things, you can use the WP integration to schedule articles on your site from the Article Forge dashboard.


  • Lack of control over article structure — While it’s awesome that Article Forge requires so little input, this does mean you don’t get a lot of control over the direction the article takes.
  • Writing can be slow — Articles can take up to 5 minutes each, so you have to plan around that in your workflow. It works best to bulk create articles and come back later.

Content quality

Article Forge creates high-quality content for an AI writer and excels at writing factually accurate articles. It can get repetitive if the keyword and sub-keywords don’t provide enough direction, but you can always rewrite an article if you’re not happy with it.

The articles never include sentence fragments or nonsensical language, and spelling & grammar mistakes are very limited.

View my content samples from Article Forge


Article Forge is a lot cheaper than many competing AI writers. Their free trial is 5 days long and then their plans start at $27/month. For just $57/month, you can generate unlimited articles every month.

View Article Forge’s pricing

jarvis ai review


Jasper is an innovative AI writer that operates like a writing assistant. There’s a full editor where you can tell it to outline your article, fill in a section, or expand on a passage.

Jasper also has dozens of templates for short-form content like Tweets, product descriptions, company bios, and more.


  • Full control — Because Jasper only writes a few sentences at a time, you are always in control and can direct it how you want.
  • Runs quickly — Jasper generates text much faster than most other AIs. Plus, there are simple editor commands and keyboard shortcuts that make it quick to use.
  • Huge template library — You can use Jasper to create all the content you need, including product descriptions, emails, and ads.
  • Grammarly integration — They put their money where their mouth is by integrating Grammarly directly into the editor. Jasper rarely makes grammar or spelling mistakes.


  • Not fully automated — Jasper is designed to be a part of your writing process. It won’t be a good choice if you want an AI that writes full articles on its own.
  • Learning curve — While Jasper is highly flexible, it is harder to learn than other tools. You’ll need to learn the editor commands and shortcuts to feel proficient with the AI.

Content quality

Jasper writes excellent content as long as you’re effectively directing it. It rarely makes spelling and grammar mistakes, can include real-world facts, and has a decent style (and the “tone of voice” is customizable).

The one challenge with Jasper is avoiding repetitive content. If your outline is too general, it will restate a lot of the same ideas. As long as you give it specific topics to write about, this isn’t a problem.

View my content samples from Jasper


Jasper has a $29/month plan to access the short-form content templates and a $59/month plan that also includes the full editor for long-form content. The price then scales based on word usage, but they’re not stingy with the word counts.

View Jasper’s pricing


writesonic review


Writesonic is an extremely user-friendly AI writer that can create both short-form and long-form content.

All the content — including 800+ word articles — is created using a simple template system. You’ll fill in a few fields on the left side of the screen and click the “Generate” button to get your content on the right side of the screen.

Writesonic has pre-made templates for product descriptions, LinkedIn posts, Facebook Ads, and dozens of other content types.


  • Easy to use — Writesonic’s best quality is its ease of use. You’ll understand how to use it on your first try.
  • Requires minimal input — If an AI requires too much input it feels like you’re writing the article yourself, which defeats the purporse. Writesonic can write entire articles with just two words of input.
  • Lots of templates — Writesonic can be used to write all the content you need for your business including ads and eCommerce content.
  • Large word count potential — The way the article template works, you can use Writesonic to write articles of any length including 1,000-2,000+ words.


  • Lack of flexibility — Writesonic lets you control the direction of the articles via the outline, but once it writes the article you can’t tell it to rewrite individual sections. It can only rewrite the entire article, so you get what you get.
  • Credits run out fast on cheapest plan — If you try Writesonic, you’ll likely want to go with one of the unlimited plans as rewriting articles uses up credits quickly.

Content quality

Writesonic creates great content as long as your outline is detailed. Using a bland outline will lead Writesonic to write shallow and repetitive content.

While the tone isn’t customizable, Writesonic has a really nice style that should work well for most users. Once you get a hang of the outlining, you won’t need to edit the articles very much.

View my content samples from Writesonic


Writesonic has a free plan but it’s only enough to write one article. The cheapest plan is $15/month and has enough credits to write about 9 articles. The plans starting at $45/month all include unlimited article generation.

View Writesonic’s pricing

Which AI writer is the best?

There’s an AI writer out there for everyone. Ultimately, it comes down to your preferences and the needs of your organization.

Article Forge is best if you want to bulk create articles and edit them later. You can create 20+ articles at once by pasting in a list of keywords.

Jasper will be the best solution if you want more control over the content. With Jasper, you (or your staff) can write articles much faster.

Regardless of which tool you choose, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The hidden benefit of using AI writers

While most people are excited to outsource writing, that’s not the only benefit of using an AI writer.

What’s just as beneficial is that AI writers also do all the research for you. If you have a client who needs an article about “tips to grow a tomato plant,” you’ll need to learn a thing or two about gardening before you can even write your first word, but with an AI writer, you can immediately generate an article that has factually accurate tips about growing tomatoes.

In other words, you get to skip both the writing and research phases of content creation.

And this brings me to my next point…

All AI content needs editing

There is no AI that writes content you can publish without editing.

No matter which tool you choose, you’ll need to edit the content before it’s up to the standards required for a client or your own website.

Since you know you’ll have to edit the content, you’ll want to generate content that is easy to edit and can be edited into something better.

Focus on creating an excellent draft

When using an AI writer, focus on creating an excellent draft rather than a ready-to-publish article.

If you don’t give the AI enough direction, you’ll get back a bland, unstructured article. When this happens, you’ll end up editing the article down to the bone and have to throw the whole thing out.

If you give the AI a detailed outline and highly specific title, it will usually return something much more usable. You’ll avoid off-topic paragraphs that have to be deleted entirely. Instead, you’ll have minor errors like grammar mistakes and awkward sentences that only take a moment to correct. This way, you won’t dramatically reduce your word count through editing and you’ll end up with a decent article you can publish.

What kind of content is AI good/bad at writing?

There’s one area where most AI currently fails.

AI writers struggle with ordered content. This is because they’re not fully “aware” of the last thing they wrote or the overall structure of the article. This makes them particularly bad at writing step-by-step tutorials. For instance, a tutorial about driving might tell readers to buckle their seatbelt as the final step, or it might tell them to restart their computer in the middle of a debugging article. This content is hard to edit because you have to reorder and add new steps.

If you take the same topic and remove the need for order, the content comes out much better. For instance, “5 tips for writing your resume” is an article that AI can write proficiently. AI can also write list posts as long as the order doesn’t matter or you are fine with reordering the list items during editing.

Of course, AI can write tutorials well if you explicitly outline the steps, but not every AI uses this type of system.

One thing AI is surprisingly good at is writing factual information. For example, an AI writer can effectively write articles like “What is a dividend?” or “How much is rent in New York?” That is surprising to many people, but it’s one of the biggest benefits of using AI.

In summary, AI can write excellent content about basic and advanced topics, as long as the order of the information isn’t imperative.

Who should use an AI writer?

AI writers are most beneficial for a few types of users.

First, if you run a content creation agency or offer writing services, an AI writer could be the best investment you make all year. It will let you skip the research phase and quickly generate drafts on any topic, so you can create more high-quality content in less time.

Second, if you’re outsourcing a lot of content and want to save money, you can use an AI writer and pay just $0.75 per article instead of $75.

And lastly, if you manage a variety of niche websites, they always need fresh content. An AI writer will help tremendously in reaching the scale you need.

Regardless of your needs, these are the best AI writers on the market:

AI Writer
What to Like
Best fully-automated AI writer for long-form articles and bulk article writing.
Best semi-automated AI writer for creating high-quality content without actually writing yourself.
Extremely easy-to-use AI writer for writing short and long-form content.