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What is it? might be the best general-purpose AI writer on the market.

I’ve tested many other AI writers, and while I wouldn’t say is way ahead of the competition, I do think it’s the best.

In this review, you’ll learn how it works, how it’s different from other AI writers, and how much it costs.

Plus, I’ve included content samples taken straight from the app for you to review.

Here’s a quick look at what has to offer before we dive into the full review.

Quick Look at
Overall rating:
Automation type: Semi-automated is a Semi-automated AI writer, meaning it functions like a writing assistant generating portions of text automatically.

Pricing: $49/month

This is the cheapest monthly plan offered by

Content quality:
Content types: Blog posts, product descriptions, advertisements, social media posts, and more

How does it work?

Like most AI writers, has separate short-form and long-form editors.

The short-form editor includes a small number of fields, which you’ll fill out to guide the AI. Then it’s a simple click of a button to generate the content.

Product description created with

Most Ai tools output the generated text on the right side, but is different here. It adds the content below the inputs, so you can copy them into the right sidebar and make edits.

I’m not sure I love this interface choice, but it is nice to keep the right-sidebar content persistent between pages.

That same editor design is used for every content type except for blog posts, and it’s the blog post creation process where really shines.

Here’s how the blog post creator works.

copy ai blog wizard step 1 e1670361229823

You'll start by entering a title and some keywords, and then choose a tone for the article. Then you can click the big "Generate Outline" button.

copy ai blog wizard step 2

The outline creates can be reordered and edited. And, there are buttons to generate additional headings or completely regenerate the outline.

copy ai blog wizard step 3

Next, generates what it calls "Talking Points," which are essentially sub-headings or topics the AI is going to cover in each section. Just like with the outline, you can reorder, edit, and generate more talking points.

copy ai blog wizard step 4

In the next step, you'll see the full content that generated based on the outline and talking points. This is the completed post, and it includes buttons in each section to write more or regenerate the content if you don't like the way it came out.

copy ai blog wizard step 5

The last step doesn't change the content any further but takes you to the full editor, where it's easier to make changes or copy the article out of for editing elsewhere.

How is it different?

While it might seem like a minor difference, the addition of “talking points” between the outline creation and full content generation makes a huge difference in the final product.

It makes it much easier to get a sense of where the AI is going to take things. You can manipulate the talking points very quickly and end up with an article that covers exactly the ideas and facts you want it to.

Even without making edits to the talking points, it seemed to give the AI an advantage, as created the highest quality content of any AI tool I’ve used.

One thing I didn’t like is that I could not find any kind of documentation or help center. I was trying to find more info on how custom templates work, but there wasn’t any information available.

That was surprising to me, but at least the rest of the app is intuitive enough that I didn’t feel the need to look anything else up.

  • Highest quality AI content
  • Great control over long-form content
  • Straightforward pricing
  • No documentation
  • Needs thorough fact-checking

Content samples

Now for the moment of truth.

No matter how beautiful the dashboard is or how many cool features the app includes, the quality of the content is what makes one AI tool stand out from the next.

As I said already, I found that created exceptional content, and I’ve got samples here for you to review.

How these samples were created

I did not make any edits whatsoever to these articles.

They would have come out even better if I had edited the outlines or talk points, but instead, I only entered a title and then clicked the buttons to continue to the next step until the article was complete.

Content quality rating

I always score AI writers based on their ability to write long-form content.

That’s where the real challenge lies and where you’ll see them struggle with repetition, flow, and factual accuracy. With, my approach was no different.

With that said, here’s how I rated the content based on the long-form articles generated with

Content Quality of

Factual accuracy measures the tools ability to correctly state facts. The AI loses points if it states innaccurate facts like the USA was founded in 1920 or Stockholm is a country in England.

Factual accuracy:

Intelligibility measures how sensible the text is. The AI loses points for writing nonsense sentences and phrases.


Repetitiveness measures how much the AI repeats itself. The AI loses points for repeating the same words and sentence structures, or making the same point repeatedly.


Flow & readability is a general measure of how much one sentence flows into the next. The AI loses points for awkward sentences and jarring transitions.

Flow & readability:

Spelling & grammary is a measure of the AI's ability to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. The AI loses points for gross mispellings and grammatical errors, but leniency is given for regional choices, such as "color" vs "colour".

Spelling & grammar:
Overall rating:

Factual accuracy

When writing about topics with lots of publically available information, did a great job citing correct facts. For instance, it was able to write accurately about the amenities offered by different hotels in Miami.

On the other hand, it made some inaccurate claims when it came to information that’s a bit harder to find, like how much an Uber Eats driver makes. In that article, it made the claim that the average Uber Eats delivery takes 3 minutes. That’s one fast driver!

The good news is that the occasional factual error is easy enough to swap out with correct information. Just be sure to carefully fact-check everything writes.


The mistakes here were so minor that I decided not to deduct a single star.

There was only one example of nonsensical writing I uncovered. In one article, listed relaxing things for travelers to do, including spending time at the spa and sauna, but the last thing it listed was free parking. It’s a small mistake, but it definitely qualifies as unintelligible.

That said, it’s a rather small mistake, and given the fact that it listed so many good ways to relax first, I’m sticking with my five-star rating for Intelligibility.

Repetitiveness blew me away with its lack of repetition. This can be a major issue for some Ai writers, that will repeat not only words and sentence structures but also the same ideas.

The content wrote was never repetitive in its words or the concepts it covered.

Flow & readability

Once again, crushed it with sentence variety and word choice. The content was consistently stylish, and I didn’t encounter a single instance of awkward, choppy writing.

Spelling & grammar

Spelling wasn’t an issue for, but it usually isn’t for any AI writer.

Most AI mess up things like commas, but did very well with almost all aspects of grammar, including proper use of punctuation. In fact, it’s the first AI I’ve seen use semi-colons, let alone use them correctly.

However, I had to take off one star because of a recurring issue with missing words. For instance, would write things like “An easy way ensure enough…” and leave out the “to.” This issue was recurring, so I had to subtract a star.

Overall content rating is the first and only AI I’ve awarded a full five-star rating for content quality.

While there were some small imperfections, this is the best quality content I’ve ever generated with an AI tool.

Not to mention, the articles it wrote were often in excess of 1,200 words. When you get that much content to work with, you can rip out full paragraphs you don’t like and still end up with plenty of article left to publish.

Other features is a straightforward app, but there are a couple of other features you should be aware of before we conclude this review.

custom template copy ai
Custom templates includes custom templates where you can rearrange placeholders and reuse it later. It needs more development but could be a great future down the road.

add member workspace
Workspaces & team members

You can create multiple workspaces and invite different team members to each one. This is great for managing numerous projects.


With all the complicated pricing tables on the market (I’m looking at you, Writesonic), it’s refreshing how simple’s pricing is. pricing table
View pricing

Most other AI tools start pricing at $29/month for 20k words, but has a higher entry-level plan at $49/month for 40k words. The price increases to $99/month for 100k words and $279/month for 300k, which is right in line with other AI tools.

What I like about this pricing is that you get all of the features, so you only pay more as you need more words. Also, the annual savings are significant.
$36/month (Paid annually)
40k words/month
$74/month (Paid annually)
100k words/month
$209/month (Paid annually)
300k words/month

View full comparison

Final take doesn’t have tons of features, and there’s not anything really innovative about it. And yet, I think it’s one of the best, if not the best AI writer on the market.

When choosing an AI writer, the most important factor is the quality of the content, and writes the highest quality content of any AI tool available.

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The addition of “talking points” between the outline step and the final content is what makes it work so much better. It feels like you have total control over the AI, and you can get the article you want without writing it yourself.

In the end, you’ll be able to create high-quality content faster than ever before. will be an excellent choice for most people, but there are other AI writers worth considering too.

Best alternatives

Anyword struggles with article writing, but it’s excellent for copywriting. Features like the Predictive Performance Score will help you write better headlines, ads, and sales copy.

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Article Forge is much less involved than It can write entire articles with just a keyword and nails the factual accuracy. You might like it more if you’d prefer to edit finished AI articles rather than write the articles alongside the AI.

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Is the content unique?

Yes, multiple articles were tested with Copyscape Premium, and zero matching results were found.

How long does the free trial last?’s free trial lasts seven days and is advertised as including 2,000 words, but I was able to write over 5,000 words during the trial.

Try and see what it can write for you. Thanks for reading my review!