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Jasper AI Review

Never write content on your own again
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What is it?

Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is a semi-automated AI writer that completely changes the experience of writing.

With Jasper, creating content feels more like you’re assembling an article than writing it. Tell Jasper to outline your post, then tell it to fill in each section. Unhappy with a paragraph? Just tell Jasper to rewrite it.

In addition to full-length article creation, Jasper also includes 54 templates for auto-generating short-form content, such as product descriptions, company bios, and advertisements.

Quick Look at Jasper
Overall rating:
Automation type: Semi-automated

Jasper is a Semi-automated AI writer, meaning it functions like a writing assistant generating portions of text automatically.

Pricing: $29/month

This is the cheapest monthly plan offered by Jasper.

Content quality:
Content types: Blog posts, social media posts, emails, ads, product reviews, product descriptions, press releases, video scripts, and more

How does it work?

There are two ways to use Jasper.

First, there is a Template library for generating short-form text. Here’s a look at the Templates page where you can select the type of content you want to create:

jarvis template library
These are 15 of the 54 available templates

After selecting a template, you’ll see a handful of fields on the left side to fill in. Once you enter the required text, you’ll click the Generate AI content button to create anywhere from 1-10 outputs.

jarvis product description template
This is the Product Description template, but all templates share a similar interface

The short-form Templates are included in Jasper’s Starter plan ($29/month).

The second way to use Jasper is to create long-form content with the full editor.

While the Templates are awesome, the editor is likely where you’ll spend most of your time.

Here’s how you can create a full-length blog post using the Jasper editor.

blog post workflow button

The first step is to visit the New Document page and select the Blog post workflow option.

blog post brief

Inside the workflow, enter a short brief for your article and optionally include 1-3 keywords. I decided to make my article about things to do in Philadelphia.

jarvis enter blog post title

The next step is to enter a title, and this is where using Jasper gets fun. You can click the Generate Ideas button and Jasper will automatically create eight post ideas for you.

jarvis introduction paragraph

Once you select a title, the next step is to write the introduction paragraph, which once again, you can outsource to Jasper. Jasper will generate three paragraphs for you to choose from, and then you can continue to the full editor.

jarvis editor

Inside the editor, you can see the introduction has been added and the sidebar is filled out with the meta-information. There's also a Compose button at the bottom left that will generate AI text on command.

jarvis write outline command

To generate an outline for the post, you can use the "write outline" command. To use it, you simply type "> Write outline" followed by the topic you want Jasper to write about. Then with your cursor at the end of the line, press cmd+Enter.

jarvis write about command

Once your outline is generated you can use the "write about" command. For instance, the first idea Jasper came up with for my article was to visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, so under that section, I told Jasper to write about it.

text generated by jarvis

Jasper generated the paragraph above for this section. To make Jasper write more, you can simply press cmd+j and it will continue writing about this topic.

You can then repeat these steps to write an entire article in a few seconds.

As you can see, writing content with Jasper is more about directing what to write next rather than writing the content yourself.

Now let’s take a look at how Jasper differs from other AI writers.

The full editor is available in Jasper’s Boss Mode plan ($59/month).

How is it different?

What makes Jasper truly unique are the commands and keyboard shortcuts available in the editor. These allow you to generate AI-written text rapidly. Not to mention, the speed at which Jasper writes is pretty impressive. It only takes about 2 seconds for it to return a new paragraph.

When it comes to content quality, it’s clear that some of the fully automated AI tools have superior AI to Jasper. Its ability to create large amounts of quality text on its own is limited, but this isn’t a deal-breaker because of the superb workflow tools the developers have created around the AI.

  • Works with 54 different types of content
  • Editor commands are fast and intuitive
  • Makes writing WAY faster and easier
  • Excellent video tutorials & documentation
  • Content quality could be better
  • Can't generate full-length articles without intervention
  • Bigger learning curve than other AI writers

Content samples

To give you a clear look at what content written by Jasper looks like, I’ve published a few samples here.

The first three are long-form articles written in the editor while the final three are short-form examples created with templates.

How these samples were created

For the articles, I supplied a one-sentence brief and a keyword. For some articles, I used the Compose command repeatedly until the article reached 500 words. For others, I had it generate an outline and then fill in each section. None of the words in the articles have been edited in any way.

All of the short-form content was generated and screenshotted in the Jasper Template interface.

By the way, if you have any questions about these samples or the content generated by Jasper, feel free to get in touch with me.

Content quality rating

Below are the content quality ratings for articles generated by Jasper.

I’m rating the quality based only on the long-form content so it can be compared fairly to other AI writers.

Content Quality of Jasper

Factual accuracy measures the tools ability to correctly state facts. The AI loses points if it states innaccurate facts like the USA was founded in 1920 or Stockholm is a country in England.

Factual accuracy:

Intelligibility measures how sensible the text is. The AI loses points for writing nonsense sentences and phrases.


Repetitiveness measures how much the AI repeats itself. The AI loses points for repeating the same words and sentence structures, or making the same point repeatedly.


Flow & readability is a general measure of how much one sentence flows into the next. The AI loses points for awkward sentences and jarring transitions.

Flow & readability:

Spelling & grammary is a measure of the AI's ability to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. The AI loses points for gross mispellings and grammatical errors, but leniency is given for regional choices, such as "color" vs "colour".

Spelling & grammar:
Overall rating:

The scores here were given based on the content samples created and featured in the gallery above.

Factual accuracy

Jasper is pretty good at collecting real-world info and making sense of it. For instance, all of the hotels listed in the first article are actual hotels in Miami.

I never found an instance of a wholly untrue or inaccurate fact, and Jasper included real facts frequently enough to satisfy a five-star rating.


When writing articles with Jasper, it occasionally wrote content that was entirely unrelated, which I had to delete. Most of the time, Jasper writes sensible content, but I had to take off a star for the occasional unrelated and sometimes unintelligible text.


How repetitive Jasper gets ultimately depends on how much direction you give it, but it could be better at writing sufficiently unique content on its own.

In the Keto diet article, you can see that the outline gave it different topics to write about, but each section came out nearly the same. While the outline could be rewritten to make each section even more unique, there’s enough direction there for Jasper to avoid restating the same ideas so much.

Flow & readability

One area where Jasper excels is tone and readability. Even though it writes content one paragraph at a time, it’s good at making each sentence within those paragraphs varied and easy to read.

That said, Jasper does have a limitation in its flow due to the small amounts of content it creates at once. It’s not as great at varying the style from one paragraph to the next.

Additionally, this is a minor point, but there are way too many exclamation points in each article. They should have one at most.

Spelling & grammar

Jasper is excellent at using proper spelling and grammar. Only rarely did I find a mistake like a missing comma or the wrong version of “your” being used.

Most of the time, a Grammarly check found no errors at all. The developers have even integrated Grammarly directly into their editor so you can see how well-written the content is.

Overall content quality

While the content created by Jasper isn’t the best from an AI writer, it is still sufficiently good. Not to mention, it isn’t really designed to work all on its own.

On the one hand, it is slightly unfair to give Jasper such high marks for its content when it’s only writing a paragraph or two at a time. It’s much more challenging for an AI to write an entire article given a single keyword or brief.

However, since Jasper is a semi-automated writer, it’s also not fair to grade its writing capabilities without any human intervention at all.

In the end, the content it writes needs very little editing and comes out great, as long as you’re there to direct it each step of the way.

Other Features

Jasper has a few more features for content creation you should know about.

jarvis recipe

Jasper includes Recipes that let you add pre-written commands into the editor when you create a new Document. Then you can simply run the commands to write a new post.

plagiarism checker
Plagiarism Checker

For an extra fee, Jasper can scan all of your content with Copyscape to ensure it's entirely unique.

jarvis grammarly integration
Grammarly Integration

Grammarly is an amazing tool for catching spelling & grammar mistakes, so it's awesome that the Jasper team has integrated it into their editor for you.


Jasper plans start at $29/month and have a 5-day money-back guarantee.

$24/month (Paid annually)
Short-form content
Boss Mode
$49/month (Paid annually)
Short-form & long-form content

Click here to see what each plan offers

Final take

With a tool like Jasper available, it almost doesn’t make sense to write any content on your own. Why painstakingly outline and write when you can have all your content auto-generated and skip straight to the editing phase?

While Jasper isn’t for everyone, it’s exceedingly useful for beginner marketers as well as those looking to scale content production.

If you’re new to blogging or writing product descriptions, Jasper will eliminate your writer’s block and essentially guarantee you end up with decent content.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to create mass amounts of content for clients in niches that you’re not an expert in, Jasper will help you create intelligent content in a tiny fraction of the time it would take you to research and write the posts on your own.

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Best alternatives

Article Forge is the best AI writer available if you want a truly hands-off solution. With Article Forge, all you have to do is give it a keyword, and it can write entire 750-word articles on its own.

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Writesonic is another great option if you’d to try an AI writing assistant. It has a similar design but uses the Template-style interface for full blog posts too.

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What’s the difference between a fully-automated and semi-automated AI writer?

You can think of a semi-automated AI writer as a writing assistant. It generates portions of text at your direction and can auto-generate titles, outlines, and introductions.

When using a semi-automated writer, it feels more like you’re assembling an article than writing one.

On the other hand, a fully automated AI writer only needs input at the beginning and can then generate an entire article.

The content generated by both will require editing, so it comes down to personal preference. Would you rather get help writing your article, or receive a completed article that needs editing?

Is there a word limit?

Yes, Jasper has a limit of 20,000 words/month for the Starter plan and 50,000 words/month for the Boss Mode plan. The prices scale with additional word usage.

With writing and rewriting, you might use about 2,000 words on a 1,000-word article, which would still come out to about $1.18/article. The same article would cost a minimum of about $60 if outsourced to a content agency.

Are the articles truly unique?

Yes, the articles you create with Jasper will be unique, and they even have a paid integration with Copyscape available if you want to make absolutely certain that your articles are original.

Try out Jasper and see what it can write for you. Thanks for reading my Jasper review.