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Perfect for ad copy and social posts
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What is it? is a simple AI content creator for short-form content.

It’s so easy to use that even an absolute beginner to AI content creation can quickly find success with it, but is it a good tool for serious writers?

In this review, you’ll get a look at the interface, pricing, how it works, and its strengths and drawbacks.

Before we dive deep, here’s a quick overview of the product.

Quick Look at
Overall rating:
Automation type: Semi-automated is a Semi-automated AI writer, meaning it functions like a writing assistant generating portions of text automatically.

Pricing: $35/month

This is the cheapest monthly plan offered by

Content quality:
Content types: Social media posts, product descriptions, ads, blog outlines, emails, bios, etc.

How does it work? is the most straightforward Ai writer I’ve reviewed thus far.

It’s really easy to navigate the app, select a content type, and generate a handful of writing samples.

Here’s exactly how it works:

peppertype ai dashboard

You'll start by selecting the type of content you want to create via the dashboard. You can use the search bar or the filters to find the right content type quickly.

quora answer prompt

Once you select a content type, you'll see a prompt with one or more input fields to give the AI direction. Once you fill them out, you'll click the "Create content" button to generate a few samples.

ai generated content only takes a few seconds and will generate 3+ results for you to choose from. When you've found your favorite, you can copy it to your clipboard or save it for later.

This process of creating content is enjoyable due to how seamless it is. Following these steps, you could quickly write dozens of social media posts or emails with very little effort.

My only gripe is that some of the content types, like the Blog Conclusion, require too much input for my liking. I don’t want to write much myself to get the AI writing for me.

Now that you know how this AI writer works let’s talk about how it’s different from other AI writing tools.

How is it different? is the most straightforward AI writer when it comes to short-form content. If there’s one thing that sets it apart, it’s how stripped down the interface is compared to clunkier alternatives.

However, while it excels at writing ads and social media copy, it doesn’t have a dedicated tool for writing full-length articles like most other AI writers.

The long-form interface it has is cobbled together from its short-form tools, and the process of writing an article is awkward.

The long-form content editor
The links in the sample article open short-form content generators in the left sidebar

The interface is confusing, and it takes a lot of clicking and typing to create a short article. Not to mention, the AI isn’t aware of the full context of the article, so it’s difficult to keep the content relevant.

It would be much nicer if they had a step-by-step process for writing articles, like Writesonic.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Nice variety of content types
  • AI generates content quickly
  • Awkward long-form content generation
  • Some content types require too much input

Content samples

The features and ease of use are important, but at the end of the day, nothing matters more than the content the AI creates.

Here are a few samples, followed by a detailed scoring below.

How these samples were created

These are screenshots taken of the interface. No edits were made to any of the samples showcased here.

Content quality rating

Here’s a breakdown of’s content quality score and why it earned these marks.

Content Quality of

Factual accuracy measures the tools ability to correctly state facts. The AI loses points if it states innaccurate facts like the USA was founded in 1920 or Stockholm is a country in England.

Factual accuracy:

Intelligibility measures how sensible the text is. The AI loses points for writing nonsense sentences and phrases.


Repetitiveness measures how much the AI repeats itself. The AI loses points for repeating the same words and sentence structures, or making the same point repeatedly.


Flow & readability is a general measure of how much one sentence flows into the next. The AI loses points for awkward sentences and jarring transitions.

Flow & readability:

Spelling & grammary is a measure of the AI's ability to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. The AI loses points for gross mispellings and grammatical errors, but leniency is given for regional choices, such as "color" vs "colour".

Spelling & grammar:
Overall rating:

*I normally rate the content based on long-form content, but that wasn’t an option for For that reason, I was harsher with scoring for qualities like Repetition because it should be much easier for Peppertype to avoid repetition in 60 words versus 600.

Factual accuracy

Since a lot of the writing was made-up sales copy, there wasn’t much opportunity for to include verifiable factual information.

However, when given a chance to include facts, gave mixed results. It will tell you things like, “the average American is woefully unprepared for retirement,” which is ostensibly true, but then also tell you that the average American’s expenses are 42.1% of their income, which is wildly inaccurate, and contrary to the idea that American’s have trouble saving.

In case you’re curious now, monthly expenses are 76% of the average American’s income.


For the most part, generated content that was sensible and logical. However, there were times when it left me scratching my head.

Take, for instance, this Quora answer on how to save for retirement.

Quora answer generated by

At first glance, it seems really good, but if you actually read it, it makes no sense. The calculations are nonsensical, and the sentences don’t really relate to each other.


Repetition should be non-existent in short-form content, but there were times when the language used was extremely redundant. There is an example of this in the content samples above from a Quora answer.

Flow & readability

Peppertype had nice sentence variety, shifting regularly between simple and compound sentences.

It struggled occasionally with pronoun overuse and some abrupt sentences.

Spelling & grammar

I did not find a spelling error, but there were missing commas at times.

I also caught it saying “30 thousand” in one of the content samples, which isn’t a proper way to write a number.

Overall content rating

The content quality of is okay. Its strength is its ability to take creative new angles, which is useful when generating Tweet ideas and ad copy.

However, when you need it to do a bit more, like for a product description, it struggles with repetition and factual accuracy.

Other features

Before we get to the pricing, here’s a look at a few other things Peppertype can do.

peppertype project briefing
Automated project briefing

You can enter your site's URL to automatically generate a new Project complete with an audience, USPs, and a description. It's then used to seed other content creation, and it's one of the best features in

history pages
Writing history

All the content you generate is saved in the History page, making it easy to pull up some copy you created recently.


Peppertype’s cheapest plan is relatively expensive, but for the word count, it’s on par with other AI writing tools. pricing table
View pricing

The availability of a team plan is important if you plan on sharing your account with others and will be worth the small additional investment.

I have to call them out on the 20% off label for annual plans, though. Switching to yearly pricing only saves you 5%, not 20%.

$33.33/month (Paid annually)
50K words, 1 user
$37.50/month (Paid annually)
50K words, 5 users

Click here to see everything each plan offers

Final take

I didn’t hold my punches in this review, but I like, and I think it has its place.

It’s clean, it’s fast, and it’s extremely easy to use. If you want an AI tool to rapidly generate sales copy and inspire new ideas for social media posts, it’s an excellent option.

On the other hand, the competition is fierce in this niche, and there are other Ai writers with more functionality and better content quality for the same price.

For these reasons, I’m recommending only as a tool for marketers who need help with ad copy and social media posts. If that matches your needs, it might be the best tool for you.

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If you need to write full-length articles and you’re okay with more of a learning curve, consider the alternatives listed below.

Best alternatives

Writesonic is my favorite AI writer. Like, the interface is elegant and simple, but the content quality is a bit higher, and Writesonic also has a tool for writing full-length articles (800+ words).

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Article Forge is like the opposite of The interface isn’t beautiful, and it doesn’t write short-form content at all. However, if you’re looking for a tool that can write high-quality articles at scale, there’s nothing else like it.

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Is the content original?

Yes, I check content from every AI writer I test in Copyscape, and passed every test.

How much content can I generate with 50K words?

Depending on the content type, each time you generate content, it will use about 30-180 words. This means you can use roughly 167-1,000 times per month, depending on whether you’re generating extremely short content like Tweet ideas or longer content like Quora answers.

Try out and see what it can write for you. Thanks for reading my review!