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Writesonic Review

A highly intuitive AI writer for all content
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What is it?

Writesonic is a semi-automated AI writer with a simple 4-step process for generating full-length articles.

The content it writes sounds professional and passes uniqueness tests with Copyscape. Not to mention, the app is downright fun to use due to its intuitive interface and beautiful design.

Writesonic also includes templates for auto-generating 41 types of content beyond articles, such as product descriptions, advertisements, and headlines.

Quick Look at Writesonic
Overall rating:
Automation type: Semi-automated

Writesonic is a Semi-automated AI writer, meaning it functions like a writing assistant generating portions of text automatically.

Pricing: $15/month

This is the cheapest monthly plan offered by Writesonic.

Content quality:
Content types: Articles, Facebook ads, product descriptions, outlines, landing pages, LinkedIn posts, and more

How does it work?

Writesonic is extremely easy to use.

Every type of content you create will utilize the same style of interface. There are inputs on the left for you to fill in, and once you enter some “seed” content, Writesonic will output the AI-written text on the right.

Here’s an example from the Product Descriptions creator:

writesonic product description

The process is essentially the same whether you’re writing a product description, Facebook ad, or email.

When it comes to writing full-length articles, the only difference is that there are four of these screens instead of just one.

Here’s how to write a full-length article with Writesonic.

writesonic article writer title

The first step is to enter a topic and Writesonic will generate five titles for you to choose from. It did pretty well given only "Keto Diet" to work with.

writesonic article writer intro

Once you've selected a title, Writesonic copies it into step two. All you have to do is click the Generate Intros button and choose your favorite intro to continue.

writesonic article writer outline

On the following page, you'll click the button at the bottom of the screen again to generate outlines based on the title and intro paragraph.

writesonic article writer article

In the last step, all you have to do is click the "Write Article" button and Writesonic will generate an entire article based on the title, intro, and outline.

Through this entire process, the only words I typed the whole time were "Keto diet."

As you can see, Writesonic is simple to use. I love how the interface walks you through every step, and the option to edit the intro and outline before generating the article is really nice too.

As for the content it creates, we’ll take a closer look at that in a moment — including a look at the full article generated in the steps above — but first, let’s talk about what makes Writesonic stand out from other AI writers.

You might have noticed that Writesonic uses credits rather than charging per word. The cheaper plans run out of credits fairly quickly, but Writesonic’s unlimited plans start at just $45/month.

How is it different?

What makes Writesonic unique is its semi-automated writing process and minimal user input requirements.

With some AI writers, you feel like you’re practically writing the content yourself given how much input they require, and with others, you don’t feel like you can give it enough direction.

Writesonic requires as little as two words of input to write entire 800+ word articles and gives you a good amount of control using its outline system.

While I love the simplicity of Writesonic, it does suffer at times from a lack of flexibility. The outlines work well for directing the AI, but you can’t control how much content is generated in each section. It writes anywhere from 80-200 words and there’s no way to adjust this. It would be awesome if you could give Writesonic a word count for each section or tell it to write more.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • High-quality AI content
  • Excellent outlining feature
  • Beautiful interface
  • App can be buggy
  • Limited word count per section
  • Credits run out fast on cheaper plans

Content samples

The content samples below were generated in Writesonic and have not been edited in any way.

These articles were copied from Writesonic as is.

How these samples were created

The first three samples are articles generated using the same process outlined in the How it Works section above. I entered a topic and then used only content generated by Writesonic. To be honest, the articles would have come out better if I had tweaked the outline before generating the full article, but once I make edits, it makes it harder for you to understand what parts came from my editing VS Writesonic’s AI, so I refrained from touching anything.

The last three samples used Writesonic’s various templates, and screenshots were taken so you can see more than one of the generated outputs.

Content quality rating

After reviewing the articles above, these are the ratings I’ve given Writesonic’s content.

Content Quality of Writesonic

Factual accuracy measures the tools ability to correctly state facts. The AI loses points if it states innaccurate facts like the USA was founded in 1920 or Stockholm is a country in England.

Factual accuracy:

Intelligibility measures how sensible the text is. The AI loses points for writing nonsense sentences and phrases.


Repetitiveness measures how much the AI repeats itself. The AI loses points for repeating the same words and sentence structures, or making the same point repeatedly.


Flow & readability is a general measure of how much one sentence flows into the next. The AI loses points for awkward sentences and jarring transitions.

Flow & readability:

Spelling & grammary is a measure of the AI's ability to spell words correctly and use proper grammar. The AI loses points for gross mispellings and grammatical errors, but leniency is given for regional choices, such as "color" vs "colour".

Spelling & grammar:
Overall rating:

Here’s a breakdown of how I reached each of these scores.

Factual accuracy

Writesonic does a great job of using facts throughout its content and never states wholly untrue facts by accident.

The Miami hotels article names real hotels and even includes some additional details about their amenities and restaurants. The third article also does a great job of providing credible advice for growing tomatoes.


Most of what Writesonic writes makes sense, except for the very end of some sections that ended as if about to introduce more information before ending abruptly. There was also a random sentence fragment at the beginning of a section in the Miami hotels article.

I’m only taking off one star since these sentences are easily removed, and the AI isn’t writing anything that is truly nonsensical.


How repetitive the content comes out depends largely on the outline. It repeats a lot of the same facts in the Keto article because the outline doesn’t differ enough, whereas the article on growing tomatoes isn’t repetitive at all because each section heading is totally unique.

I’m taking off a star because repetition can be hard to avoid. You’ll need to work around the repetitiveness by creating highly specific outlines.

Flow & readability

The flow and style of content written by Writesonic’s AI is excellent. The sentence structures are varied and the wording is always clear and easy to understand. In regards to tone, it’s quite plain, but that’s not enough for me to take off a star.

Spelling & grammar

I didn’t encounter any misspellings, but there were missing commas in every article I created. The AI occasionally missed a necessary “a” before a noun as well.

Overall content quality

The quality of content written by Writesonic is quite good. It’s factual, sensible, easy to read, and the grammatical errors are easy to fix and forgive. It struggles a bit with repetition, so you’ll need to use the outlining feature properly to avoid this issue.

With some direction, this AI writer can create great content.

Other Features

writesonic editor
Clean editor

I didn't mention it earlier, but Writesonic's editor is actually pretty nice. It's limited in terms of functionality but works well to make edits before saving the article to your account.

landing page generator
Landing Page Generator

One template that really stood out to me was the landing page generator. It creates sales copy for you and displays it in an example landing page. There's even a download button to get the code used for the page.


Writesonic has a free plan with 10 credits and then starts at just $15/month for 75 credits.

$10/month (Paid annually)
75 credits
$30/month (Paid annually)
Unlimited credits
$63.33/month (Paid annually)
+ Browser extension
$130/month (Paid annually)
+ White labelling

Click here to see what each plan offers

Final take

Writesonic is a joy to use. If you want a quick way to generate quality articles, you can get started immediately with this simple AI writer.

Once you understand how to direct it well with the outlines, it can write really high-quality content and can even generate articles over 1,000 words long.

The one thing holding Writesonic back is its fixed number of words per section. If the developers can find a way to allow a few hundred more words per section, it would make Writesonic arguably the best AI writer around.

Best alternatives

Jasper is another AI writer you should look at if you want to use a semi-automated AI writer. It’s more advanced than Writesonic but comes with a steeper learning curve.

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Article Forge is a fully-automated AI writer and only needs a keyword to generate 750-word articles. It’s an awesome tool if you want to generate articles in bulk and then edit them later.

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How many credits does it take to write an article?

Using the article writer takes 8 credits: one for each title, intro, and outline, and five for the article itself. All of Writesonic’s other templates take one credit to write.

As I mentioned previously, the credits get used up fast on the cheapest plan (you can only write nine articles per month), but Writesonic’s unlimited plan is cheaper than most other AI writers.

What does “semi-automated writer” mean?

This means that Writesonic requires ongoing input to write its articles. You have to provide a series of inputs to walk it through the article creation process.

If you could supply input once and walk away or upload a file with multiple inputs for bulk article creation, it would be considered a fully automated writer.

Are the articles truly unique?

Yes, I checked the articles with Copyscape, and it found zero matches for the articles generated by Writesonic, and that’s without any editing.

Try out Writesonic and see what it can write for you. Thanks for reading my Writesonic review!