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Article Forge VS Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Fully-automated AI vs AI assistant
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Article Forge and Jarvis (now known as Jasper), are two of the most popular AI writing tools on the market.

While they’re both powerful AI content creators, there have some dramatic differences.

In this Article Forge VS Jasper comparison, you’ll learn about the two biggest differences and find a straightforward comparison of their prices.

Let’s begin with an overview of the most important factors.

Feature Comparison

Both AI writers scored top marks in their full reviews.

AI Writer
Article Forge
Jasper AI
Overall Rating
Short-form content
Long-form content
Content quality
Starts $27/month
Starts at $29/month

The main difference in this quick comparison is that Jasper writes short-form content and Article Forge does not.

We’re going to look at that in more detail later, but for now, let’s look at the single most important factor in your choice of Jasper VS Article Forge.

The main difference

Here’s the biggest difference and main reason you should choose one editor over the other:

Article Forge only takes keywords as input and generates entire articles automatically for you. On the other hand, Jasper gives you a Google Docs like interface and generates 100-200 words at a time on command.

While they both have an excellent content quality, the writing process couldn’t be more different. Here’s a closer look at how they both work.

Writing with Article Forge

With Article Forge, you’ll give the AI a primary keyword and, optionally, a few sub-keywords.

Article Forge interface

Then you’ll click a button to generate the complete article.

The biggest benefit of this system is that it allows you to generate articles in bulk. You can switch to the bulk article writer and enter keywords for 50+ articles at once.

This system works really well if you want to generate articles rapidly and then edit them to perfection later.

However, your workflow will slow down greatly if you’re not satisfied with the article. You have very little control over what the AI writes, so you’ll need to regenerate an article from scratch if you’re not happy with it.

Jasper is much more hands-on.

Writing with Jasper

Jasper uses a title and summary as guidance in addition to the surrounding text. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to generate an outline based on this info, and then fill in each section one-at-a-time.

Here’s what the interface looks like:

Jasper editor screenshot

Since writing with Jasper is a hands-on process, there’s no ceiling to the content quality. The main benefit is that you never have to stare at a blank page, and the AI does all the research for you, so you don’t have to Google things like when the Declaration of Independence was signed.

The main downside is that you have to write and edit the articles at the same time, which may not fit well into your workflow.

In the end, both editors can create fantastic content, so it depends on the workflow that’s more appealing to you. If you want to bulk-generate articles and edit them manually afterward, you’ll like Article Forge. If you’d prefer to speed up your writing process with an AI assistant, you’ll like the Jasper AI system.

With that said, there is another major factor to consider before you make a purchase.

Short form content

As you may have seen in the feature comparison, one of the biggest differences between these editors is that Article Forge only writes long-form content while Jasper writes both long- and short-form content.

Long-form content refers to full-length articles, while short-form is a blanket term for virtually all other content. This includes content like:

  • Social media posts
  • Ad copy
  • Emails
  • Youtube descriptions
  • Quora answers

Unlike Article Forge, Jasper has the ability to create all of these content types.

Creating short-form content with Jasper

When you login to Jasper, you’ll find this huge library of content types:

Jasper template library

These templates work differently than the long-form article interface you just saw.

For example, if you choose to write a product description, here’s what the interface looks like:

jarvis content sample 4

On the left, there are a few fields required to give the AI direction, and on the right is where the AI-generated results appear.

All of the various short-form templates use a custom interface like this one.

The ability to write numerous types of short-form content makes Jasper extremely powerful as a marketing copy tool, in addition to an article writing tool.

Content quality

When choosing the best AI writer, it’s important to understand that all AI-generated content needs to be edited. There is not a single AI tool writing publish-ready text yet.

With that said, the content generated by both of these editors is quite good. You can find my full content analysis and a lot more samples in my Article Forge review and Jasper AI review, but I’m including some representative content samples here.

Here’s an unedited article written by Article Forge:

Article Forge content sample
Click the image to view a larger version

This article was created by entering a single keyword; that’s it.

And here’s an article created by Jasper:

Jasper content sample
Click the image to view a larger version

To create this article, I gave Jasper a prompt and then repeatedly generated new text without making any edits.

Both AIs succeeded at writing original, factual content. The articles have redundancies but are good enough to edit into content you could publish.

That brings us to the final point of comparison, which is the price.


Article Forge’s pricing starts at $27/month for 25,000 words. That will come out to about 25 articles per month.

article forge pricing
View Article Forge’s pricing

The mid-tier pricing is attractive because it’s enough to write about 250 articles every month.

It’s also worth noting that Article Forge has massive discounts for yearly subscriptions:

article forge yearly pricing

Jasper’s pricing starts at $49/month for short-form content only and $99/month for both short-form and long-form content.

Jasper's pricing
Click here to view Jasper’s pricing

Jasper does not include an unlimited plan. The pricing scales with your usage accordingly.

Pricing comparison

If you want to get 250,000 words/month to write long-form content, this will cost $57/month with Article Forge ($27/month annually) and $279/month for Jasper.

In other words, Jasper is 5-10x more expensive than Article Forge, depending on whether you signup for a monthly or annual Article Forge subscription.

Final take

These tools have some dramatic differences, so that should make it relatively easy for you to make your final decision.

Based on the findings covered here, these are my recommendations.

Article Forge is the superior editor if you want to generate articles in bulk upfront and edit them later. It’s also 5-10x cheaper than Jasper, making it a better choice if price is a major factor for you.

Try writing content with Article Forge

Jasper is the better editor if you want an AI assistant that helps you write and research articles on command. Since it includes dozens of short-form content templates and Article Forge does not have short-form content generation at all, it’s an obvious choice if you want an AI tool that writes ad copy, social posts, product descriptions, and more.

Try writing content with Jasper

That’s it for the Article Forge VS Jasper (formerly Jarvis) comparison. If you’re still unsure which one to pick, you can check out my complete Article Forge review and Jasper review for more content samples and detailed analysis.