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Writesonic VS Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

Which AI writer is the best?
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Writesonic and Jasper are both excellent AI writers for generating short-form and long-form content.

While you can create amazing content with either of these tools, there are a few critical differences.

In this Writesonic VS Jasper (formerly Jarvis) comparison, you’ll learn about the most important differences, compare the editors, review content samples, and compare the pricing.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the main features.

Feature comparison

Writesonic and Jasper are two of the best AI writers on the market. At first glance, there isn’t a clear winner between the two.

AI Writer
Overall Rating
Short-form content
Long-form content
Content quality
Starts at $10/month
Starts at $49/month

These tools are extremely similar and truthfully, you can do well with either.

With that said, Writesonic is more affordable and can do virtually everything that Jasper can do. If you’re only interested in short-form content, such as ad copy and social media posts, Writesonic will work better for you and cost less money.

However, if your goal is to generate long-form content (800+ word articles), either tool could work well, but the editors are quite different.

The main difference

Writesonic and Jasper have a similar content quality and their editors for short-form content are almost identical. However, that changes when it comes to full-length article creation.

The biggest difference is that Writesonic generates the entire article all at once, whereas Jasper adds bits of content on command.

This is hard to understand without some examples, so let me show you what I mean.

Here’s how the writing experience differs

With Writesonic, you’ll go through a step-by-step process where it generates a title, intro, outline, and then a full article. You can pick from generated examples along the way and make edits as needed.

Here’s a screenshot from the final page where you can see all of the details on the left used to generate the article, which appears on the right.

Writesonic article interface

You can regenerate the entire article, but you can’t have the AI rewrite only one section. You’ll most likely want to copy and paste the text into another tool (or download it) to make your edits.

The Jasper editor is quite different.

With Jasper, you’ll enter a title, short description, tone, and keywords. It then takes you to a full-screen editor that looks a lot like Google Docs.

Here’s a screenshot of how things look when starting a new article.

Jasper editor screenshot
The introduction is unedited and generated by Jasper

From this editor, you can click the button at the bottom left (or press cmd+j), to generate roughly 100 words of AI text at a time. But that’s not all, Jarvis also has its own syntax and keyboard shortcuts for writing introductions, outlines, and even filling in specific sections of the article with AI-generated text.

Jasper includes loads of functionality under the hood, but only a small amount is exposed in the editor. It’s primarily designed to be used with keyboard shortcuts.

So here’s the big takeaway…

Jasper has a more advanced editor but comes with a steeper learning curve. Writing with Jasper feels a lot more like writing with an AI assistant than outsourcing content entirely to an AI.

Writesonic is much easier to use and walks you through the content creation process in four simple steps. While you can manually edit the article at the end, you basically get what you get.

You’ll prefer Writesonic if you want to quickly generate full articles and edit them later on your own. You’ll prefer Jasper if you want an AI-assisted writing process where you never get writer’s block.

The long-form editor is the biggest difference between these AI writers and should be your main reason for choosing one over the other.

The short-form editors in Writesonic VS Jasper are quite similar, and we’ll take a closer look at those now.

Short-form editors

Something I didn’t cover yet is that these tools are both capable of generating a variety of content types.

The editors you just saw are used to write full-length articles, but these tools also have specialized interfaces for writing social media posts, email copy, ads, Quora answers, and more.

For example, here is a screenshot from Writesonic being used to write a short LinkedIn post:

Writesonic content sample

On the left, there are a few fields that need to be filled in to guide the AI. On the right side, there are a handful of AI-generated posts. You can save any of the posts to your account, or click-to-copy one for use right away.

In comparison, here’s the Jasper editor being used to generate a product headline:

Jasper content generation example

As you can see, the formula is the same. Give the editor some inputs and it will generate a bunch of examples to choose from.

Now to circle back to the long-form content, Writesonic uses this exact same approach for generating full-length articles but broken into 4 steps, whereas Jasper has a completely different editor and writing style for long-form content.

Speaking of the content, let’s take a look at how Jasper’s content compares to Writesonic’s.

Content quality

Let me start by saying that both AI writers are quite good.

The short-form content, in particular, is excellent from both editors, but short-form is much easier for AI to generate, generally speaking.

For that reason, it makes more sense to compare the quality of the long-form content to really see what they can do.

Here’s an example of an article generated from Writesonic:

Writesonic content sample
Click to open in full-screen

I entered a single keyword to generate this article. I selected an auto-generated title, intro, and outline without editing them, and this article was the result.

As you can see, it’s actually giving good advice for growing tomatoes! The style is a bit lacking, but with some editing, the article is quite nice.

Here’s an example article from Jasper.

Jasper content sample
Click to open in full-screen

Like the Writesonic article, this content is completely unedited and was generated by simply clicking the Compose command in Jasper.

Jasper did an awesome job of writing factually accurate content, and any of those sections could be expanded further by using the Compose command again.

In their reviews, I gave both tools four stars for their content quality, but they have their own strengths and weaknesses. You can find my full content analysis and a lot more content samples in those reviews (Writesonic review and Jasper review).

When comparing Jasper VS Writesonic, the content quality is fairly similar when it comes to both short-form and long-form content.

This leaves pricing as a major factor in making your final choice.


Jasper’s pricing starts at $49/month for short-form content, and you can get the long-form content editor starting at $99/month.

jasper pricing
Click here to view Jasper’s pricing

Both plans charge more based on how much text you generate, and it’s important to understand that you will write and delete a lot of content. In short, 100,000 words does not mean you’ll publish that many words. You will likely use about twice the final word count of any article.

Like Jasper, Writesonic has a cheaper plan for short-form content and a more expensive plan for long-form content.

Writesonic pricing
Click here to view Writesonic’s pricing

They recently updated this and I have to say I hate the quality-based pricing they added. It’s confusing to pay based on both a word count and a quality rating, and I would never consider paying for the lowest quality content their AI can generate.

That said, if you choose the Premium quality, which I recommend, Writesonic is still cheaper than Jasper.

Writesonic premium pricing

Pricing comparison

Short-form: Jasper gives you 30,000 words for $49/month, whereas Writesonic gives you 45,000 for $26.67/month.

Long-form: Jasper charges $99/month for 100,000 words, while Writesonic charges only $66/month for 130,000.

In summary, Writesonic is roughly half the cost of Jasper.

If you have a large team and you’re about to scale your content, an extra $100-200/month probably doesn’t concern you, but for an individual or small team, Writesonic’s pricing may be much more attractive.

Final take

In the end, I don’t think either of these tools is clearly better than the other. You could have great success with either one.

However, there are some important distinctions, so here are my final recommendations.

Writesonic is the best choice if you want an affordable AI writer to quickly generate content you can edit later. Additionally, if you are only looking to generate short-form content, Writesonic is the better option since it is cheaper and creates near identical results to Jasper.

Try writing content with Writesonic

Jasper is the best choice if you want to create in-depth content at scale and you’re prepared to teach yourself (and your writers) how to use it. Due to the way Jasper’s editor works, you can create exceptional content that essentially has no quality ceiling.

Try writing content with Writesonic

Thanks for reading my Writesonic VS Jarvis (now Jasper) comparison. If you need even more detail before you make a final choice, you can find additional content samples and analysis in my Writesonic review and Jasper review.